CUC Clarence Valley re-opening with restrictions as of Monday 4th May

In an effort to continue to support you all, during this very difficult time, we will reopen our Country Universities Centre Clarence Valley, on Monday 4th May, however, we are doing this in a very restricted manner and we request that you understand and respect our restrictions.

  • Opening hours are restricted from 9am to 5pm, this allows student access while the centre is staffed.
  • The centre is only available to 8 persons at any one time, following Commonwealth social distancing requirements.
  • Time permissions are limited to 3 hours per person, per day, to allow shared use of the facility.
  • Physical distancing and hand sanitation regulations must be adhered to. You are responsible to clean equipment before and after use, using antiseptic wipes provided for keyboards and public equipment.  The wipes and hand sanitation liquid will be supplied in each workroom.  Please use these, this is an expectation of your use of the centre.

Please understand that in our community some of our students are less fortunate than others to have internet access in their homes. These students are our priority of support, at this time.  If you are functioning well in your home and can continue to study without the use of the centre please do so, until such time that the restrictions are completely removed.

Procedure :

  1. If you would like to use the centre you must email Centre Manager – Melanie Lamb at or phone 0457 059 064, during office hours, and she will confirm availability and allow you access to the centre.
  2. You must also complete and sign the document attached for centre use.
  3. Upon entry and exit from the centre you must complete the data recording sheet indicating times of use.

We look forward to seeing you all back in our centre, as these community restrictions are slowly removed, for you all to resume your academic studies in our valued CUC Clarence Valley.